Friday, February 9, 2007

Wilbert shows his face

Who is he?
I was abducted i
n 1995 by Warner Bros Feature Animation and live in Los Angeles ever since. During the past years I worked for most major studio's and did visual designs, storyart and gag ideas for a bunch of feature films, including Ice Age and Ice Age 2 - the meltdown and the "Robots" DVD, for 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky, Shrek II and Over the Hedge (Dreamworks), Curious George (Universal) , Osmosis Jones, Quest for Camelot, (Warner Bros) and Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius .

In 2004 I became a member of Walt Disney's Animation Studio in Burbank and am currently working with directors John Musker and Ron Clements ( Little Mermaid, Alladin) on "The Frog Princess", the revival of Disney's 2D feature animation.

What is he doing on Clogwork?
Not a lot probably. The art and ideas I create during the day job are owned by Disney and super secret. ( At least until the movie comes out), so there's not a lot I can share. However, sometimes I try to take on an outside illustration for fun or to flex some unused creative muscles and braincells. Like the one above, which was an illustration (through Comic House) for an article about Data mining in relation to terrorist profiling. I forgot which magazine. All done in Photoshop.