Friday, February 9, 2007

Welcome to myself

Hi folks! My name is Viktor (with a "K") and NO I haven’t got any Russian ancestry to my knowledge. My parents just liked it this way... funny people!
I was born at there home in a small room on the first floor the very same day our royal highness took on the job her mom did before her... Being the queen of the Netherlands! (plus some colonies.) And since this day became a national and public holiday (not because of me, but because of her) I almost never ever had a birthday the way nature intended it... f*ck all those parasitical party pooping asses.

I will be posting (somewhat semi regular) my thoughts and work right here on Clogwork, but you can also find some of it on Vector’s Thingies, Donald and Animation Works...


This here above is the "magical" stuff I use daily! and who are my truest, closest best friends in the whole wide world...

Sorry folks! gotta keep this post short... I’m still at work and my boss is coming at me with that big stick he uses on us slaves... “NO BOSS... WHO? NO, NOTHING... JUST LOOKING AT GOOGLE... SORRY, BOSS... WHATTA YOU DO? AUWWW, STOP... PLEASE STOP... I'M SORRY... GOING BACK TO WORK... OEF, AUWWW, PLEASE NO... NO, NOT THE HANDS, NOT THE HANDS!!!”