Saturday, February 24, 2007

Telenet character design

Hey, we are Eugene and Louise, a designstudio from Antwerp/Belgium.
We do illustration, animation, character design, product design, websites, live-action and much more. On Clogwork we plan to post 'work in progress', the stuff you don't see on our website ( ).

To start off we are going to show you some rough character designs we made for Telenet. This was a pitch (competition job) we did a couple of weeks ago. The briefing was to design a character for telenet-digital-tv that would be translated into 3D. They would use this character to promote their product on all media for several years. The briefing gave us a good direction on how the character should be (looks, pose, mood, color, character,....). In the end a studio in France won the 'pitch' to develop the character. To bad for us, but there's always next time.