Wednesday, February 28, 2007

'Vintage' Preview

The ongoing saga of three little girls trying to survive in glamorous Paris.

Hope wants to become a supermodel, but what about the scar in her face?
Faith dreams of being a successful singer and she's willing to do absolutely anything to get there.
Chastity is the ditsy blonde with the heart of a true gold digger.

Will they achieve their dream and climb the top of the entertainment industry?
Every week a new page on

Shipping expenses

Stylized illustration in an experimental style, about the problem of high shipping expenses when shopping online.

I love style experiments like these. I also love breaking through conventional rules, such as the avoidance of tangents. In this case I processed a couple of deliberate tangents in the image.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hi, I'm Nozzman

I'm Nozzman, a 29 year old cartoonist/illustrator from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I draw for websites, newspapers, magazines and anyone else who wants something from me. Check out my work at (Dutch), and Besides my own work I'll be reporting from the exciting city of Rotterdam, where a lot of beautiful stuff is being made!

Free news!

Hi, it's Coen here. I was a little in doubt if i should post work here now, mainly because lately i've been busy doing quite a lot of different things besides illustration. Graphic design jobs and music (songwriting and recordings) took much of my time recently, not to mention the time and energy it takes to keep my 4 year old twins on the track;). But finally Mr. Seven's ungoing attempts to seduce me to post something have succeed. So here's a little thing i did very recently. For the last years most of my illustrations were done in illustrator, which i still reckon to be a great piece of software (especially when combined with photoshop to blow some more life into it). But sometimes you just long for the good old paperwork and I enjoyed it a lot do do this one the 'old way'.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Don't check your partner's text messages...

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Cover Republikein

Unable to resist Mr. 7's relentless invitations to take part in this blog , for starters I submit this cover I did for 'De Republikein', a magazine devoted to topple the queen's throne. This particular issue dealt with the royal claims to a divine connection. To this day every royal decree in the Netherlands begins with the phrase: 'By the grace of God'...
(I wont deny sharing the views of this magazine, but at the same time I'm not so sure I'm all for an elected president, seeing who would be likely candidates in this country. Not to mention certain presidents ruling elsewhere... Also I don't mind admitting that prince Willem-Alexander, heir to the Dutch throne, impressed me when right after 9/11 he called for a redistribution of wealth, believing a world less unfair would reduce violence, before he was apparently told to keep his royal mouth shut, because of course violent retaliation is far more effective than sharing more equally! Why give millions to the poor when the arms-industry is dying for profit?)
The drawing was done with a very fine ballpoint-pen (the 'Pilot FEED-White Line', fountainpen-shaped, containing 3 colours (black, blue & red) and white correction-tape-dispenser), that a friend had just given me. The line it produces is too skinny at times, I think, but it's delicate too. Still being a digital rookie myself, the colouring , purposely cheapy digi-kitsch, was done with Pablo Hermano.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Telenet character design

Hey, we are Eugene and Louise, a designstudio from Antwerp/Belgium.
We do illustration, animation, character design, product design, websites, live-action and much more. On Clogwork we plan to post 'work in progress', the stuff you don't see on our website ( ).

To start off we are going to show you some rough character designs we made for Telenet. This was a pitch (competition job) we did a couple of weeks ago. The briefing was to design a character for telenet-digital-tv that would be translated into 3D. They would use this character to promote their product on all media for several years. The briefing gave us a good direction on how the character should be (looks, pose, mood, color, character,....). In the end a studio in France won the 'pitch' to develop the character. To bad for us, but there's always next time.

Illustration for a poster

A couple of weeks ago people from the library of Leuven asked me to send them an illustration for an exhibitionposter. Next year they will show my work from the last five years, wich is an honor for me. I chose this illustration I made for 'Kleine Blote Liedjes' two years ago.

By the way, I'm Frank Daenen, a Belgian children's book illustrator.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Désanne van Brederode

I almost feel guilty, here on Clogwork between all these cartoonists. I have to confess I have a secret desire to one day do a comic strip too. I know exactly how I would want it to look, but boy, it would be much work. Désanne van Brederode (visit my personal blog to see her in today's newspaper) could be one of the characters. And the author I drew yesterday could be in it too. Now all I need is a story. Looking at the two of them, that would be the easy part.


This is the cover of a dayplanner i did about a year ago, for a college named 'Hogeschool Gent'. Had the freedom to design the entire cover, including the typography. The entire typography of their housestyle is based around the different weights of the fabulous font 'FF Prater' which i have been using myself for as long as i can remember.
I just came across this piece as i was commissioned today to do another cover for next years edition of the planner.

PS Geen idee of 'dayplanner' wel een goed woord is. Het is de cover van een zakagenda.

Creek Speaks

Schokkend Nieuws (Shocking News) is a magazine here in Holland, solely devoted to genre-cinema. It is a mag made for and by movie lovers. I've been a steady contributor for the past six years or so, doing a topical illustrated page, together with Bart van der Put, a film critic. In this installment we decided to spoof all those 'making of's' you see nowadays on DVD extra's and what not.

Thursday, February 22, 2007



It's probably not the right time of the year, but since i'm posting stuff from the Lectrr-archives, i think this one should be on here as well. Did this for a client a couple of years ago. I really like the Santa-character, not only when i draw it. His fleshy body, the cheerfull colors, the beard: it's the ideal playground for an illustrator.
The weird thing is: as an illustrator you always end up doing Christmas and Santa artwork in the middle of the summer, because that's when your clients start thinking of their xmas campaigns. It always struck me as a bit odd, doing snowy scenery illustrations in the middle of the summer.

Sketching comics

Currently I'm working on a lot of comicpages that will appear in a kids summerholiday book.
Although I love to illustrate and design, I consider drawing comics to be the real thing. There's so much involved. Writing, plotting, dialogues, drama, scenery, acting. It's the perfect playground.
This sketch is part of two pages that take place on Bosch, a small island near the dutch coast that dissappeared in 1717.

How to handle your family like a business woman...

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Posted this one before, but I had to take it off because it hadn't appeared in print yet...
now it did!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Clogwork @ Drawn!

Hey guys, we've been mentioned at Drawn! Now scream along with me: "COOOOL!" :)

Ukelele Lectrr

Found this one in my sketchbook this morning and decided to color it. Has no client or purpose or anything, just playing around, listening to ukelele music.

Hi, my name is Lectrr. I'm a Belgian cartoonist and illustrator. I'm mostly known for my absurd and colourfull cartoons, and my illustrations are always a bit on the background. That's why i'll be using Clogworks as a showcase for my illustrations, and not for my cartoons.This first piece is a combination of various wallpapers, made for mobile applications. One of the designs (the monkey) is also available as a kinky tshirt design (flocked, not printed).More will follow. Soon. Very soon!

Messenger stripped

Realistically executed, stylized 3D illustration for a workshop about stripping Live Messenger from unnecessary elements.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I complained about the lack of girl contributors here, and now I am the excuse girl! (thank you, Metin) The girl in the image is Vrouwkje Tuinman, she was in last Friday's NRC, only accidently in black & white, that was a pity.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Thirtyfive portraits in two hours

Eleven portraits in one weekend...

Portraits of well-known Dutch non-fiction authors, for VPRO-TV magazine. Quite a tall order I must say, but lots of fun to do.

Kos & Mo

A page from "Kos & Mo", originally written in Dutch and translated for the occasion.
Published in "OKKI" magazine by Malmberg, for very young children.
I love doing this comic strip, I can hardly call it working.


Weekly cartoon for, a dutch newspaper.

"in that case I rather don't have a guardian angel"

Friday, February 16, 2007

The nightmare of Geert Wilders

One of my daily cartoons for the Dutch news website, regarding the growing islamphobia in the Netherlands, specifically the xenophobia of the Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A leaflet illustration. It must be all over Holland now. It's part of a promotion for a book which bundels all books you're suppose to learn to graduate. Why didn't I buy just this one book in my final year at highschool?

And of course I''l introduce myself in my next blog.

Carnival hit parade machine

Today I finished yet another small -but completely insane- animation project as made for Donald (it will be online this Friday.) It's almost Carnival in a big part of the lowlands and we thought it would be nice to have an interactive clip during that time on the site, so kids can play with it...

Ruff sketch by colleague Maarten Janssens

It was created using Flash and will be my third so-called "funny" machine. Here you can see them in action:

1. Gyro Gearloose joke robot
2. Digital Party Piggy
3. Carnival hit parade machine NEW!

...The interactivity on the last two I did together with a colleague of mine, named Bas Schuddeboom. Maarten Janssens did the music.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Meat & Potatoes

As a free-lance illustrator I do a lot of work like this, for all kinds of sponsored magazines and such. in fact, it is my meat and potatoes. A lot of this work never makes it to my portfolio, not because it's bad, but because the subject matter is ofttimes a bit bland (to put it mildly) The briefings for these illustrations are usually very tight and don't leave a lot of room for interpretation. I like doing it though, it really makes me draw stuff I wouldn't normally draw. Oh yeah, and did I mention it pays well?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cartoon of the week

My day job includes working for several dutch Disney magazines. The so-called reader’s page of one of those magazines -simply called Donald Duck- places a "letter of the week" for which I make the cartoons on a regular basis...

"Roughly translated"

Okay! the one who
hits the other one knock-out
may read this weeks
Bucky Bug first!


Roel's first blogbaby

I made this illustration for, a dutch newspaper. The article tells about what can happen when two friends start their own company together. And which problems arise (money mainly).

In my next blog I'll introduce myself. At this moment I'm very busy making, drawing, plotting, illustrating and designing 'Taptoe Zomerspeurboek 2007'; a kids album for the summer holiday.

aju! Roel

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Seamour Sheep - Fate

The twenty-eighth episode of Seamour Sheep, a comic strip series about a silly Scottish sheep, his wiseacre sidekick Marty Mole and some guest stars.

You're invited for a visit to the official Seamour Sheep website for more comics, wallpapers, e-cards, the Sheep Shop and more.



Friday, February 9, 2007


During the making of a short animated film by Animation Works I tried to fool the director (Arjan Wilschut) with my pencil tests in making him believe all was good, but alas! he wasn’t... Can you belief that? normally this subliminal trick would work like a charm!

Welcome to myself

Hi folks! My name is Viktor (with a "K") and NO I haven’t got any Russian ancestry to my knowledge. My parents just liked it this way... funny people!
I was born at there home in a small room on the first floor the very same day our royal highness took on the job her mom did before her... Being the queen of the Netherlands! (plus some colonies.) And since this day became a national and public holiday (not because of me, but because of her) I almost never ever had a birthday the way nature intended it... f*ck all those parasitical party pooping asses.

I will be posting (somewhat semi regular) my thoughts and work right here on Clogwork, but you can also find some of it on Vector’s Thingies, Donald and Animation Works...


This here above is the "magical" stuff I use daily! and who are my truest, closest best friends in the whole wide world...

Sorry folks! gotta keep this post short... I’m still at work and my boss is coming at me with that big stick he uses on us slaves... “NO BOSS... WHO? NO, NOTHING... JUST LOOKING AT GOOGLE... SORRY, BOSS... WHATTA YOU DO? AUWWW, STOP... PLEASE STOP... I'M SORRY... GOING BACK TO WORK... OEF, AUWWW, PLEASE NO... NO, NOT THE HANDS, NOT THE HANDS!!!”


A page in a "Graphic Classics" edition of lesser known stories by Bram Stoker, of Dracula fame. Tom Pomplun, the editor, gave me carte blanche, so I really enjoyed myself.


Ik voel me hier helemaal niet op mijn plaats met m'n lollige kraspoppetjes! Bovendien zuigt mijn Engels! Boehoe!
Translation: Boohoo!


Daily cartoon for the Dutch news website, regarding an article about a sum of 12 billion dollar that the United States turned out to have spent quite carelessly during the first year of the war in Iraq.

Wilbert shows his face

Who is he?
I was abducted i
n 1995 by Warner Bros Feature Animation and live in Los Angeles ever since. During the past years I worked for most major studio's and did visual designs, storyart and gag ideas for a bunch of feature films, including Ice Age and Ice Age 2 - the meltdown and the "Robots" DVD, for 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky, Shrek II and Over the Hedge (Dreamworks), Curious George (Universal) , Osmosis Jones, Quest for Camelot, (Warner Bros) and Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius .

In 2004 I became a member of Walt Disney's Animation Studio in Burbank and am currently working with directors John Musker and Ron Clements ( Little Mermaid, Alladin) on "The Frog Princess", the revival of Disney's 2D feature animation.

What is he doing on Clogwork?
Not a lot probably. The art and ideas I create during the day job are owned by Disney and super secret. ( At least until the movie comes out), so there's not a lot I can share. However, sometimes I try to take on an outside illustration for fun or to flex some unused creative muscles and braincells. Like the one above, which was an illustration (through Comic House) for an article about Data mining in relation to terrorist profiling. I forgot which magazine. All done in Photoshop.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ah what the heck...

Here's another picture I've made this week, a CD sleeve for a DJ from Germany. Not my cup of tea music-wise, but hey, if some dude pays me to draw him a robot, I ain't the one to complain...

It's the Creekster!

Hi y'all. Let's see If I'll remember to contribute some news to this blog once in while. This picture is a flyer for an upcoming exhibition I'm curating. it's going to be held in the ABC treehouse gallery in Amsterdam, this coming april.
Cheers for now.