Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ironing Bored

Hi-heeled speed-queen Miss Pigeoncot's latest entry, the housewife with the ironing-board, somehow rang a bell.
Then it dawned on me. I once did a similar ironing scene for 'Mainline', a Dutch subsidized magazine (for some 20 years already) hopelessly dedicated to informing junkies of the hazards of their habit and supplying the dopies with all the news that's vital to their well-being, where to get the best tin-foil, etc.
I was asked to illustrate this gag-page ( haha!) written by a heroin-hooker from Amsterdam, calling her sisters to leave the potato-couch, wash rubbers, iron tin-foils, sharpen syringes, test new drugs on 'john's' and feed your (useless junkiepimp-)partner to your pets when all else fails... (Not hard to understand when you read the diary the poor girl keeps in the same magazine!)