Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Another shield-shaped drawing, made for a CD with music by the Bugs, an Amsterdam punkband that played a lot of support-acts in rock-venue Paradiso around the year 1980. I was sent two photo's of the band to portray, both equally unfit for use. Knowing they had a girl on bass , a drummer with a tie and a singer with peroxide hair I came up with actual bugs sporting these features.
This weekend I was invited to the CD-presentation and a comeback-gig, in the Paradiso-basement. I went. I shook my head some. Shook some hands from the past, too.
My drawing was nowhere to be found in the inlay. Due to a misunderstanding about me (or their friend, the one that commissioned me to make the thing ) wanting the front-cover or nothing?!
What can I say? Fuck the buggers.
So: here for your eyes exclusively: my CD-coverdrawing ...