Monday, October 1, 2007

Weird Worm

Thought I'd show you some examples from the weird and annoying things that can happen to an illustrator.

Case #1 is very awkward.
In 1990 I made a cover for a fantasy-book. This book was not only sold in bookstores but also through a 'bookclub'. This club - ECI- has a sale-catalogue and 'The Worm Ourobouros' , as the book was called, was advertized in it.
A not too close inspection already reveals the strange thing that happened.
It's true that the 'necklace' was made seperate from the 'face' but I had it glued, and what could be the explanation for the absurd fact that the 'face' had shifted sideways ?
You think I'm silly for getting somewhat paranoid at the time ?