Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hope sometimes delays a lot

I was asked by an enterprising utopian to do ( for free) a little ( A -4-ish) painting , depicting 'hope' so he could hang it ( using Velcro), together with lots of likewise paintings by other artists, on the sides of his truck for people all over Europe to see. Thus promoting hope... Unable to say 'No' most of the time to requests like these I promised to think of something.
Around the same time a little painting -on a little easel- was sent to me in the mail by my friend (and Amsterdam spray-can-artist) ' Laser 3.14' showing one of the 1-liners he leaves on so many walls and fences around town.
It took some time before I realised for the 'hope'-project I could paint this mini-painting sitting on my dusty piano, amongst trinkets, statuettes , heron-skull , Daaibooibaai-beach-souvenirs from Curacao, etc...
And , as you can see, I did.