Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ninja Turtle Scam

Seeing a new Ninja Turtle-movie advertised brings back unwanted memories .
In the early nineties I was asked by some ad-guy to make 4 wraparound-designs to be put on plastic milk-mugs, depicting the then popular Ninja Turtles. All major supermarkets in Holland would be selling them. Having small, hungry children I consented.
Each mug was to have a screw-on lid with a turtle-head on top. While I started studying turtology and looking for ways to play with the fact that each drawing would 'bite' it's own tail, my wife and a friend painted hundreds of turtle-head-dummies green , with 4 differently coloured masks. When I was done drawing I spray-glued my color-xeroxes on hundreds of mug-dummies (finding out how hard it is to perfectly glue a rectangle around a cilinder) . Our life was turtle-green from dusk till dawn.
It was to be the only green we got to see. The ad-guy turned out to be a fraud.