Thursday, March 27, 2008

Seamour Sheep Radioactive Edition

Prepare yourself for a shameless plug ... :)

Following the success of the Seamour Sheep Illuminative Edition, Crazy Label and Sevensheaven are proud to announce the soon to be available Seamour Sheep Radioactive Edition! In the very near future you've got a new chance to get yourself a Seamour Sheep comic figure in the shape of a limited edition USB-powered lamp, this time featuring atmospheric green LED lighting, a cool radioactivity warning sign on his side and last but not least: motion sensor controlled power switching...!

The Seamour Sheep Radioactive Edition will feature a cool motion sensor that detects when you turn Seamour on his side, turning Seamour's light off. To turn on the light, simply put Seamour back on his feet again. No more plugging and unplugging of power cables, and no ugly visible power switch!

Keep an eye on the Sheep Shop for more info as soon as the product is available!