Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dr. Phil

Finally I was drawing someone my friends in the dog park could relate to. It made for a fine subject while slipping and sliding on the ice. And I wasn't even the most elitist dog owner, one woman actually hadn't even ever heard of Dr. Phil. A doctor herself mind you. Which is pretty comforting when you think about it. Now I will stop thinking about Dr. Phil the moment he turns into fish wrapping paper. I don't know, I always get into these imaginary relationships with the people I have to draw, I can't help it. Like with Dr. Phil, jesus. I keep thinking of things in my life that I would have him talk about in his show. That is too creepy to even ask you guys what you would have Dr. Phil talk about regarding your lives. I have way more shit happening than I thought, I could fill (Phil) ten shows. Easy.