Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy landing, professor Weizenbaum!

As Miss Duvekot already pointed out, this weekend she and me are back to back ( 96, if you pardon me this tasteless pun) in NRC-Handelsblad, 'the mind's grindstone' as the paper calls itself. ( The 'Ghost's Grindstone' sounds better but I'm not sure they're talking phantoms here.)

I was asked to illustrate an interview with professor Weizenbaum, who left Germany in the 30's with his furrier-parents, stood at the cradle of computers at MIT (U.S.A.), denounces now both MIT for working with the Pentagon and his own invention of digital psycho-therapy, hates Bush, returned to Berlin to live opposite the Berlin Dom, doesn't believe his grandchildren will die a natural death, says: 'Who only has a hammer sees the whole world as a nail' and hopes to celebrate his 85th birthday soon, in spite of his doctor's alarming opinion...
When the journalist left he said: 'Wish me a happy landing' and added with a big smile that everything he'd told him had been a lie.